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The human body has many sophisticated methods of maintaining balance - a state known as Homeostasis. When we get sick, we have become off-balance and need a nudge in the right direction. Herbal medicine has something to offer not found in modern medicine. Plants known as tonics can help return us to balance, regardless of the direction in which we have wandered.

Regain Balance
Improve Energy and Mental Clarity

Lack of energy is one of the most common health complaints today. The fast-paced and stressful lives we lead take their toll and wear us down. Much research has gone into exploring the energy boosting benefits of medicinal herbs, from increasing athletic endurance to improving mental performance. The evidence shows that we really can increase our energy, feel better and think more clearly.

Backed By Science

If 5,000 years of recorded medical data isn't enough to convince you, modern clinical science is now confirming what we've known for millennia - herbs are a safe and effective way to maintain health and avoid illness. There is much more research to be done, but science is demonstrating that the use of plants as medicine is as relevant now as it ever was. 

Using clinical research methods to assess whole plant extracts used in a holistic way is a bit like trying to describe a rainforest with a calculator. A lot of magnificent detail gets lost. However, in today's society, whenever ancient wisdom and modern methods agree, there can be no doubting the truth. 


In the event that we do succumb to infection, which we all do from time to time, there are also many different herbs which help the body increase it's natural response to disease. These can help to lessen the severity and duration of illness. 

Boost Immunity

If we create and maintain a healthy internal environment, pathogenic organisms are less likely to take hold inside of us. This means a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and herbs that boost our immune systems at the deepest level. 

Antioxidant - Rich Nourishment

The prevalence of processed foods in the Western world is one of the biggest threats to human health in modern times. Where plants are concerned, food and medicine are often one in the same. Nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich whole foods and herbs can stop and even reverse the damage done by unhealthy living habits, which can cause inflammation and oxidative stress, two of the main factors in heart disease and many other health problems.

Creams and Salves

Custom Herbal Formulas

Herbal medicine is a holistic healing modality. This means that each person is recognized as an individual who has unique concerns and needs. It also means that we regard the whole person, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors. For each individual, the herbal remedy will be as unique as they are.

Whether you need a tincture, tea, cream, syrup, salve or oil, your formula will be custom-made, hand crafted, and of the finest quality.

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