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Hello!     I’m Chris and I am a practitioner of Herbal Medicine.

I help people of all ages who are eager to become healthier. By addressing dietary and lifestyle issues, combined with the right combination of medicinal herbs, I can help to restore your health, prevent illness and promote your innate vitality. Along with guidance, I offer hand crafted herbal remedies of the highest quality, individually compounded for each client’s personal needs.


Are You Ready To Begin?

If you'd like to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of healthy living, or if you want some ideas about how to take care of your family when they’re sick, or if you need to address a specific health issue… make an appointment to come and see me. I can help you improve your health and more importantly, I can teach you how to take care of yourself! You can also sign up for my newsletter to get information on a variety of topics and access to in depth articles.


My Adventure In Jamaican Medicine

Normally, the idea of a attending a destination wedding at a giant all-inclusive resort is not one that I would entertain. I'm more of a run-around-in-the-woods kind of guy. I like to look at the stars at night and experience the silence that can still be found outside the city. I find the opulence of resorts hard to stomach sometimes, considering the extreme poverty of the locals that often surrounds them. However, when the opportunity came up to visit Jamaica for the first time for a friend's wedding (and considering how long it had been since my last vacation), I agreed to go. I was expecting a fun, relaxing trip with some good friends at most, but what I found on that island proved to be

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